Video/Music Before 2013: Yuxtapongo


From 2008-2012 I produced Yuxtapongo, a monthly 30-minute show that aired on public access TV in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill/Carrboro, North Carolina.


“Yuxtapongo” translates from the Spanish as “I juxtapose,” and pertains to my interest in juxtaposing sound and image, music and video. Along with contemporaries Acid Rain, I was interested in offering contemporary art to audiences outside of the gallery system. I curated the show, featuring work by a growing roster of local artists and musicians. I also created a lot of video/music work for the show, much of it through improvisation and free-association.


Growing out of this way of working, from 2009-2013 I performed video synthesis live with bands, playing video like an instrument, projecting it onto the stage and the bodies of the performers.


Yuxtapongo developed into a collaborative that created music-related installations.


All 40 episodes of Yuxtapongo are archived here:


Here are some of the video/music works I created for the show.

2018 Atlanta